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About the project

Land managers steward the majority of our working lands across the planet. They have an essential role in promoting land health, ecological function and biodiversity. These managers combat erosion, invasive species, water pollution, and climate change. These profiles showcase land managers who are using livestock as a positive tool to achieve their goals – while these goals vary widely, the essential themes remain: innovative land managers thoughtfully harness the impact of grazing livestock as a valuable tool for ecological management to improve soil health, decrease bare ground, and increases water infiltration and retention.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez 

About the funders

This project was funded by the McKnight Foundation, the NoRegrets Initiative, and TomKat Ranch. These funders promote a positive role for livestock on our public and private lands: a role that places managers in a key position to use carefully managed grazing impact as a valuable tool for improving ecological health and function, which leads to resilient systems that achieve multiple goals for land managers. (or…which leads to resilient and profitable systems.)