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Benefits of Adaptive Grazing

Profiles in Land and Management features the work of innovative ranchers and land managers who are achieving economic and ecological benefits on working lands.

Click through their stories to find out about the successes they are having using regenerative practices.

Lands as resilient as the people managing them.

Elk Glade Ranch

Regenerative forest and grassland management to reduce fire danger, support thriving wildlife and livestock, and grow diversified ranch revenue streams.

Goat Green

When nothing else worked to restore a heavily disturbed arid pipeline corridor & oilfields, 1500 mob-stocked goats removed weeds and established perennial grasslands and sage.

Root Down Farm

Adaptive planned multi-species grazing and native hedgerow/tree planting to improve soil health and productivity, increase profits, and secure favorable conservation leases.

Lowry Ranch

A former bombing range uses year-round adaptive planned grazing to fund Colorado’s public schools while promoting wildlife and increasing the health of the grasslands.

Parker Pastures

Planned adaptive multi-species grazing and riparian management to improve soil health, increase productivity and stocking rates, improve product quality, and compete for desirable leases.

Sieben Live Stock Company

Adaptive planned grazing, no-till hay production, and low-stress animal handling to improve land, animal, and soil health and increase profitability.

Missouri Department of Conservation

15 years of combining prescribed burns and planned grazing provides a mosaic of grassland habitat options for wildlife at sites across Missouri.

Buena Vista Wildlife Area

Management-intensive grazing with daily moves of the herd to improve habitat for grassland birds, increase plant diversity, and promote grassland health. 

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